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    Hey Drew!

    so I got section two row E is that considered 3 or 5th row? it looked like there was a section in front of the c??


    Reply from drewsykes:


    I'm not sure if it's 3rd or 5th. I WANNA say it's third, because the seats start at C, but I can't remember, because I haven't been there in two years. That little section up front is hard to read.  I pulled H in section 2, and I'm REALLY hoping it's 6th instead of 8th, haha...but I guess we'll see.

    Either way, killer seats! Get pumped for the show!
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    Hey i'm from Greensboro too!! I live in Charlotte so I'll def be there! Is your profile picture from the Charlotte 08 tour?



    Reply from drewsykes:

    Hey! Can't wait til Greensboro. And great call on the pic...I took it at that show. It's my favorite pic I've taken, haha...I'm hoping he'll hit Raleigh and Charlotte this summer like he usually does...